Maggie Fischer   1982 - 1999

In 1999 the swim was dedicated to the memory of Maggie Fischer. She passed away just a few days before its' revival; she was scheduled to be a competitor.

Maggie was a seventeen year old senior at St. Anthony's High School, born and raised in Brightwaters. In seventeen years she achieved more than what most could hope to do in a lifetime. She was one of the top students in her class, an accomplished member of the crew and swim teams, a great snow skier, a gifted flutist, and a dedicated lifeguard to the Saltaire community.

Maggie was a fourth generation Fire Islander. Both of her great-grandparents owned homes in Ocean Beach. Her fraternal grandparents summered on Fire Island since the early 1900's and were married in the Church in Ocean Beach in 1943. Maggie first visited her parent's Saltaire home when she was only 3 weeks old.  Fire Island was a part of her very soul.

 Maggie was the type of person who was described by friends as being "extremely generous and kind- hearted." She continually strived for perfection and most often achieved that goal. Maggie loved just having fun and the Swim is dedicated to that memory of her; the memory of the way she fully lived her life and of all the amazing things she accomplished in her seventeen years.

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